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By Laura Moncur in The Disappearance of Glen and Bessie Hyde

Blood on StoneI never slaughtered an animal. I lived such a sheltered life that I never had to kill my own food. In fact, the only blood I had ever seen was my own, thick and clotted every month. I never expected it to be as watery as it was. I knew blood was going to spill, and choosing which blood made the rocky floor of the mine slippery took less than a second.

Cameron was taking Georgie by the hair and smashing her head against the rocks. Rupert was constricting my husband’s throat with the crook of his arm. After seeing both, it took me only a moment to bound across the mine and onto Rupert’s back. Cameron’s knife was still in my hand and I thrust and slashed like a scarecrow in the wind. Nothing could stop my arms, even though they felt as if they were filled with lifeless straw. I didn’t stop stabbing even though the hilt of the knife cut into the palm of my hand when it hit bone. I didn’t even stop when the body under me stopped moving and released Glen.

I stopped when I heard the sickeningly final crack of Georgie’s head on the rocks. I looked up from the red and wet beast below me. Cameron was finished with Georgie, but one look at me and he shrunk away. He looked around him for any weapon. For one gut wrenching second, Rosie and I locked eyes. She shrank away from me in disgust as Cameron grabbed her. “I’ll snap her neck!”

I advanced toward him. “You just killed the last person who cared.” The blood of the man I had slaughtered covered me. I roused Glen, hoping I had gotten to him before Rupert crushed his windpipe. Glen recovered and his eyes were filled with horror at my appearance. Cameron inched down the mine shaft, holding Rosie in front of himself like a shield.

Once I realized Glen was fine, I ran toward Cameron like a red streak of gore. He dropped Rosie in an effort to ward off my blows. Glen quickly overtook me and landed a blow to Cameron’s head with a rock. The man was unconscious and I was willing to finish him right there, but Glen stopped me. “We need to get out of here.”