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By Laura Moncur in The Disappearance of Glen and Bessie Hyde

I’d like to say that I lovingly buried Glen in a marked grave somewhere I could revisit. I wish I could say that I even knew WHERE we left his body, but there wasn’t even time to cut a mark in a tree.

I could feel Rosie pulling at my clothing. Wet and shivering, she yanked at my arm, her eyes, wide with fear. “We gotta go.” The river had washed away the blood from my hands, face and hair, but my clothing was still stained with my sin. I had killed the man who was trying to choke the life out of my husband, but the man who actually killed him was still out there. I grabbed the Wondrous Water Breather that Glen and I had shared on our escape out of the river and strapped it on my back, intent on a revengeful return to the underground cave.

Rosie stopped me. I could tell that she was scared of me, but she was obviously more fearful of the man who had killed her mother. “We gotta go,” she repeated. Her Wondrous Water Breather was still strapped to her back, but it was larger than her thin frame, peeking out around her tiny waist and hanging below her shivering bottom. I took a last look at Glen, grabbed Rosie’s hand and started to run.

Bessie and Glen Hyde by LauraMoncur from FlickrRosie and I headed back to the boat. The Wondrous Water Breathers, which had been so helpful underwater now weighed us down. I considered leaving them in the canyon, but I knew we would get to the boat soon. Before we reached mile 225, however, I heard the voices of men. I turned to Rosie, raising my finger to my lips to signal quiet, but her eyes told me all too clearly that she recognized the voices.

“Don’t touch that!” I could hear Cameron’s voice, clear as day, and my blood boiled for revenge. It was everything I could do to keep myself from rushing at the beast. Then I heard my name, “Glen and Bessie Hyde. That’s their names.” I peeked through the brush. Cameron had our papers and my journal. “First woman to ride the Grand Canyon, huh…” His voice mocked my precious dream, shattering it into a million pieces in my heart. We quietly inched away from the boat that was supposed to propel me to fame and fortune and I took one giant leap away from my life as Bessie Hyde.